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UPDATE: Charges Dropped Against Grandmother, Jailed for Spanking Granddaughter

norma toussaintCalls poured in to the Hot Springs Arkansas prosecutor’s office demanding that charges be dropped against a grandmother who was hauled to jail for issuing some old-fashioned discipline to her mouthy 12-year old great-granddaughter.

Ms. Norma Toussaint, 70, was handcuffed, hauled off to jail and forced to remove her wig to take a humiliating mug shot on June 27th after her great-granddaughter called 911 to report being spanked with a switch.

Ms. Toussaint says the pre-teen was talking back and “wouldn’t mind” her “telling me what she not gone do (sic)” when she was instructed to clean up after herself.

Toussaint says police told her “she should have spanked her on butt instead of the arm.” She was charged with domestic battery. Those charges were dropped on June 30th.

Toussaint garnered public sympathy when a local news station covered the story and it went viral. Many people contacted the local prosecutor to urge that the domestic battery charges against Toussaint be dismissed.


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