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Things We Learned About #PhilandoCastile

As tributes flow into the social media spheres, we are starting to get a clearer picture of the Minnesota man killed by an officer Wednesday evening. 

First, his name was Philando.  He was 32 years old.


He was a good guy who rarely went out, worked hard and loved video games.

He was really great with kids and over-qualified for his job.

He put extra graham crackers in this little boy’s bag to showed him he was special.


He was a loving son.

He worked with children in a respectable job.

He was a father.

He was loved.

The video that captured his death on Facebook Live was removed from Facebook. Facebook then reposted the video, claiming the issue was a temporary glitch.

The “Routing Traffic Stop” that ended with Castile being murdered in front of his daughter is posted below. (Discretion Advised)

Lavish Williams captured the aftermath of a police officer opening fire on her boyfriend. The footage shows the last moments of a Philando Castile’s life, as he leaned back in the passenger seat of William’s vehicle.

The interaction between Williams and the officer shed light on the events that transpired. Williams said her boyfriend was licensed to carry and told the officer he was armed. The officer interrupts Williams, accusing Castile of “trying to reach”.

Williams reminds the officer that he gave orders for Castile to show his identification.  The video sheds light on the terror people of color are face when they encounter police and just how quickly those encounters can become deadly, even when citizens are fully compliant (as illustrated here). They were pulled over for a broken tail light.

He deserved better than to be slain in front of his daughter. She deserved better than to be forced on her knees, to pray for the man she loved from a sidewalk in handcuffs.

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