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People of Color are in an Abusive Relationship (with White America)


By Johnny Silvercloud


People of Color are in an Abusive Relationship (with White America)

Ever been in, or seen a relationship where one person continues to do one wrong and the one done wrong is expected to do everything right?  Have you ever witnessed a person in a relationship call the other one out on something wrong, like violence, and is coerced into silence or otherwise punished for it in some form?

Replace the white woman with a person of color and you have precisely what goes on in America concerning race relations.

The reason why I mention these things, is because a most people don’t think of the grand scheme of sociology in America.  People are more than ready to identify wrong when the individual does wrong to another individual, but fail horribly to identify when one collective of people does wrong to another collective group.

We as Americans wish to be against bullying for example, but fail to identify the continued propaganda strategy against people of color in the media, such as always noting that a non-white child “was no angel” when authority figures rob them of their basic human rights and dignity.  Quite often a black victim is more demonized in the media than white perpetrators of crime.  With numerous young white males bypassing the criminal justice system concerning rape, all the evidence is written on the tin can.

White People hate Black Protest

One of the things I noticed how white people hate black folks protesting against any form of the system of white supremacy.  I mentioned this when I collected my thoughts ontone policing.  I also pointed out how white supremacy ensures that black people don’t have freedom of emotion in America.  Black people are not allowed to even feel anyway about how racism in America oppresses, suppresses, and in some case persecutes people of color.

This brings us to the case of Colin Kaepernick.

White Comfort > Black Lives

Colin Kaepernick is a football player who decided to not stand for the American national anthem this year (2016).  Kaepernick’s logic behind his actions (or inactions) is the fact that since America does not stand up for minorities in the face of 1st world nation oppression, he will opt out of standing for the national anthem.  Colin Kaepernick’s logic, is pretty fucking sound. Read More

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