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Neiman Marcus Just Sold Out of $66 Collard Greens, Twitter Reacts with #GentrifiedGreens


gentrified-greens-arriveGentrification is now reaching beyond urban hubs, directly into black culture.                                                    Neiman Marcus, known for it’s high end fashion and beauty brands, recently started offering frozen foods in its luxury catalog. Among their offerings were collard greens, enough to feed 8 people, for the hefty price tag of $66.

The dish, guaranteed to arrive by Thanksgiving, is currently sold out. But not to worry, you can just order an $80 “Bean Medley” from the site, a $65 dollar Broccoli and Cheese Casserole or some $92 tamales.

Black Twitter, of course,  responded with its usual hilarity, starting the hashtag #gentrified greens.

The Root tried the soul food staple and correspondents were less than enthusiastic about Neiman Marcus’ interpretation of the southern cuisine.

Neiman Marcus boasted the greens are “seasoned with just the right amount of spices and bacon”.  @BlackSnob disagreed.

The Root decided to sample them.

And decided they weren’t worth the money.

Even if the greens were delicious, we can all pretty much agree that good soul food should not require you to sign away your actual soul. If you’re planning to cater you Thanksgiving feast this year, try Helen’s Kitchen in Columbus MS.  It’s better than your grandmomma’s.

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